Silver Liquid Mercury is commonly used in thermometers, barometers, manometers, sphygmomanometers, float valves, mercury switches, mercury relays, fluorescent lamps and other devices, though concerns about the element’s toxicity have led to mercury thermometers and sphygmomanometers being largely phased out in clinical environments in favor of alternatives such as alcohol- or galinstan-filled glass thermometers and thermistor- or infrared-based electronic instruments..

Silver liquid Mercury Details.

  • Virgin Mercury purity = 99.99% by wt min.
  • Product name: Silver liquid mercury
  • Other name: fast, hydrargyrum, hydrargyri
  • Cas No.:7439-97-6
  • EINECS: 231-106-7
  • MF: Hg
  • Free from heavy metals
  • Packing iron cylinder (34.5)kg net
  • weight
  • Physical State: Liquid
  • Appearance: silver
  • Odor: odorless
  • PH: Not available.
  • Vapor Pressure: 0.002 mm Hg 25C
  • Vapor Density: 7.0
  • Evaporation Rate: Not available.
  • Viscosity: 15.5 mP 25 dig C
  • Boiling Point: 356.72 dig C
  • Freezing/Melting Point:-38.87 dig C
  • Decomposition Temperature: Not available.
  • Solubility: Insoluble.
  • Specific Gravity/Density: 13.59 (water=1)
  • Molecular Formula :Hg
  • Molecular Weight: 200.59
  • Packaging: 34.5kg bottle flask
Liquid Mercury Online


  • Silver Liquid Mercury are used in the following industries;
  • Agricultural -venenos,
  • Anti-fouling paint,
  • Dental amalgams,
  • Mining, Electronics and chemical
  • synthesis. (To remove gold and other metals from ore),
  • Termómetros,
  • Barómetros,dry -primary cells,
    Chloro and caustic soda production, electrical apparatus
    Absorbedor neutron nuclear power plants.
High Quality Mercury
Silver Liquid Mercury
Silver Liquid Mercury

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