Iodine is essential to the human body. There is concern that iodine deficiency is a cause of hypertrophy of thyroid and incomplete development. The Japanese generally do not have to worry about iodine deficiency disorder because they regularly consume seaweed. In contrast, people living in the inland regions of Asia, the United States, and Europe use iodine enriched table salt to prevent iodine deficiency disorder.

Iodine is used in mouthwash, contrast media, and to prevent exposure to radioactive materials. Besides contributing to people’s health, iodine is used in advanced technologies such as LCD polarizers for mobile phones and personal computers and catalysts for chemical products. The application of our products to X-ray luggage inspection at airports has gained us a solid reputation.

Crude Iodine for sale. Our iodine comes in granules, prills, crystals and flakes. 

We are direct manufacturer of crude iodine. contact us for more details.  Below are the specifications.

product: Iodine crystals 
purity: 99.98% min
packing: 25kg/drum or 50kg/drum
Grade: Pharmaceutical, Reagent & Feed grade.
CAS No: 7553-56-2
Molecular Formula: I2
Appearance: purple-black fine crystals with a metallic sheen.

Sulfate %
Non-volatile matter %
Chloride and bromides %
Residue upon evaporation %

Our Crude Iodine is mainly used in the manufacture of iodine compounds,used in the manufacture of pesticides, feed additives, dyes, iodine, paper, drugs, solvents,used in the preparation of equivalent thiosulfate solution concentration determination of iodine value, calibration, solution for disinfectants, photographic prints for iodine and thinned liquid.

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